Evidence Based Economics Summer Meeting

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About the Conference

The EBE Summer Meeting is an international, not for profit, student-run conference. It aims at giving young, talented researchers a platform to discuss their research using credible identification tools and offers the opportunity to get feedback and exchange ideas informally.

About the Evidence-Based Economics Graduate Program

The graduate program “Evidence-Based Economics” (EBE) is a joint undertaking of the Universities of Munich, Erlangen-Nuremberg and Regensburg generously funded by the Elite Network of Bavaria.

The objective of the graduate program is to train doctoral students so that they can work at the frontier of theory-guided, evidence-based economics. Integrating theory, empirical methods, and policy analysis in both training and research of students is the main innovation of this graduate program.

The graduate program focuses on an integrated methodological approach, and it allows for substantive applications from different fields in economics while closely cooperating with firms, non-profit organizations, research institutions, and leading scholars worldwide, both in training and research supervision.

The members of the core faculty are based at four Bavarian departments of economics which support the administration of the graduate program.

For further information visit the EBE website.